ieGeek Indoor Camera ZS-GX7S

ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera - ieGeek
Indoor CameraBest for family and petInstall everywhere

Indoor Camera ZS-GX7S

  • 1080P FHD & 30 Ft Night Vision: Thanks to two 850nm infrared lights, this wifi camera indoor night vision up to 30 feet, with a 120° field of view and 4X digital zoom, provides clear night vision for peace of mind even in total darkness.
  • 100% Wire-Free & A Mobile Camera: With long time battery life and intuitive installation, this security camera indoor wireless provides true peace of mind. You can place it anywhere indoors with no cords or cables needed. With the included 2 double-sided adhesive pads, you can place it on a flat surface, or stick it on a slope, a wall, a cabinet, etc. The camera has a compact and refined appearance, you can even take it on a trip.
  • 120 Days Long Time battery life & Support 24/7 Recording: ieGeek security camera indoor wireless ZS-GX7S is built-in with a 2400mAh rechargeable battery,with the latest low power consumption tech to work up to 120 days on a full charge(20-30 triggers per day). Just Install it and forget it. This home indoor camera also supports 24/7 continuous recording in addition to motion events recording(default mode). Only supports 2.4GHz WiFi ( 5GHz is not supported ).

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Unboxing & Reviews

ieGeek Battery Powered Camera / Wireless Security Camera pd

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ieGeek ZS-GX7S Unboxing |Portable Indoor Mini Camera with 24/7 Recording


Introducing ieGeek Indoor Mini Camera ZS-GX7S: From Mini to Max


ieGeek Indoor Battery Camera ZS GX7S WIRE FREE!


ieGeek zsgx7s indoor camera REVIEW

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ieGeek ZS-GX7S Unboxing |Portable Indoor Mini Camera with 24/7 Recording


Introducing ieGeek Indoor Mini Camera ZS-GX7S: From Mini to Max


With a rechargeable battery inside, it requires zero cable installation, no wiring, no mess. Go Anywhere with Peace of Mind.

Full HD Day Vision

This indoor camera is equipped with CMOS color sensor, capture every detail inside your home with crystal-clear high definition.

Up to 30ft Night Vision

Two advanced 850nm infrared lights cover every corner within 30ft at night, provides clear night vision for peace of mind even in total darkness.

Less False Alerts

PIR sensor with human shape detection, notify only when people enter your home, instead of your pets

Customizable Activity Zones

Control what alerts you receive by creating custom activity zones around areas that matter

2 Recording Modes

24/7 continuous recording or motion events recording optional, setting mode according to your needs

Control Your Camera Hands-Free

Combine ieGeek Cam with Alexa for hands-free monitoring, see the live feed appear on smart displays.

No Hidden Costs for Storage

Record footage to a local micro SD card (up to 128GB, not included) or to ieGeek Cloud(7-day free)

View past events with video history

Choose a specific camera and locate what you want according to date anytime,anywhere

Stable WiFi connection

Built-in 3dBi wifi antennas make the WiFi connection more stable, protect and connect from anywhere

View 4 monitoring scenarios simultaneously

You can add up to 20 security cameras to ieGeek Cam to monitor different locations at all times

Install Camera Handily with No Cords

Install it on any surface with sticky pads,without surface damage,no need to nail and drill the wall

Schedule Alerts Plan

Set the Alarm Time Period, only triggers alarm events during this period, which can effectively improve the battery life and prolong the service life

Ward off unwanted guests

Turn on the siren manually to scare away the unexpected intruder, keep your property safe. (not support automatic siren)

Instant Mobile Alerts

Notifies you in seconds when suspicious motions are detected.

Share With Your Families

Easily share the indoor camera with family members who are traveling or on business trips, and pay attention to the situation at home together.

Compact and refined appearance, you even can take it on a trip.

Tech Specs

Included in the box

Indoor Camera *1
5V Micro USB Power Cable *1
Screw *1
Nut *1
Instruction Manual *1
Stand *1
3M Glues(for mounting the camera) *2

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Great for managing tenants

All around It's a great indoor camera. I've been using it to monitor my tenants.

Ricardo Castellot

Everything ok

Giovanni Battista Mazzucato

Piccola e discreta si mimetizza nella stanza ma registra come una grande telecamera con una nitidezza sorprendente.

Christianne Coward
Brilliant cameras!

Ordered 4 cameras and they’re brilliant for the price!

Good value for money

I bought two cameras from ieGeek so far (indoor battery camera and a doorbell camera). Before I purchased them though I did read through a lot of reviews on other brands as well and took my time before making any decisions. I must admit it took me a while. I had an eye on ieGeek doorbell for a year but because I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted I dropped the idea initially. Then a neighbour of ours showed me how their cameras work and a friend, I was going on holiday with, mentioned about getting an indoor camera for peace of mind whilst we are away and my interest sparked again.So I started reading through reviews again. One of them advised that if you are planning to install more than one camera it’s best to buy them from the same brand so you don’t have to instal different apps for each camera on your phone, but rather have all of them in one app. That was helpful because I knew I wanted an indoor camera and a doorbell. Hence, I had a look which brands offer both with possibility to add another outdoor camera if I needed it in future. I also wanted the cameras to save videos on SD card rather than paying a subscription for a cloud storage. So I looked up ieGeek doorbell again (I still had it in my wish list from a year ago) and noticed that ieGeek do other types of camera as well. Indoor battery camera is pretty small and handy (smaller and smarter looking than other brands I looked up) and that pretty much sealed my choice. I paid around £100 for both and I’m happy with my purchase. Price was good (I didn’t want to buy the cheapest camera on the market but also not an expensive one either). Both cameras do what it says on the tin. Both connected to network ok (I didn’t have any problems like some people reported for other brands). I’ve had both cameras for about a month now. Battery still holds on both since the initial charge. Picture quality is as expected.I’m planning to buy another outdoor solar operated camera as my car got scratched by presumably a delivery van whilst I was on holiday. Unfortunately, the doorbell wouldn’t have caught the incident as a bush obscures the view from the side where the van parked. Hence the need for another camera somewhere on the building where the bush isn’t in a way.This might be a common sense but if I was to give advice to someone buying a security camera for the first time I would say think about what you want the camera/cameras for (what you want them to show/record and maybe what you don’t want them to show/record) and where you want to place them. Depending on that look for the right specifications for you (like battery/cable/solar operated etc.), read through reviews and talk to someone who already has some cameras installed especially if your budget is tight but also to avoid disappointment if your expectations are higher than what the cameras can achieve in your circumstances.I had zero experience with security cameras before my purchase. I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad I asked around and did some reading before making a decision which brand to buy from. I’m happy with what ieGeek offers. Their products are good quality and value for money.

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ZS-GX7S Indoor Camera

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