ieGeek Spotlight Camera IE50

Floodlight Camera IE50 - ieGeek
Floodlight Camera IE50 - ieGeek
24/7 RecordingColor Night VisionAuto Tracking

Spotlight Camera IE50

  • Upgrade Human Detection & Instant App Alert: ieGeek 360° security camera outdoor equipped with advanced motion sensor, which can upgrade the humanoid detection function and reduce false alarms caused by leaves and insects.
  • 1080P HD Color Night Vision: ieGeek home outdoor camera cleverly combines white 4 LEDs and infrared 4 LEDs, night vision distance up to 25m. 3 night vision modes (full color, black and white, smart) for you to switch freely. In addition, it supports 4x digital zoom, after zooming in, you can see details more clealy.
  • Auto Tracking & Manual Rotation: ieGeek cctv camera outdoor supports horizontal automatic tracking, which can accurately capture every moment of movement(you can choose to turn on/off the function in the app).
  • 24/7 Recording & SD Card Storage: ieGeek outdoor security camera supports 24/7 recording, continuously recording every moment in life, you can view and playback at any time. Support economical and secure SD card storage (up to 128GB, not included), you do not need to pay additional cloud storage fees. ieGeek ip camera support smart phone/tablet/PC multi-device connection and can be shared by multiple users.







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Unboxing & Reviews

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ieGeek IE50 Unboxing, Installation & Setup | Spotlight Security Camera


UNA SOLA PAROLA: FUNZIONA!! ieGeek IE50 360° Recensione


ieGeeK IE50 Test: Perfekte Outdoor IP Kamera Objektverfolgung Farbnachtsicht ONVIF RTSP FTP NVR HTTP


ieGeek IE50 Unboxing, Installation & Setup | Spotlight Security Camera


How to connect ieGeek IE50 to WiFi in minutes | PTZ Camera Setup


UNA SOLA PAROLA: FUNZIONA!! ieGeek IE50 360° Recensione


Why choose ieGeek?

  • Not too long ago, having video surveillance equipment installed in your home as a security measure was seen as a tough and complicated task.
  • We are committed to solving this trouble for the users and started to produce simpler and more user -friendly security cameras since 2016.
  • Users don't need to pay any subscription fee and can monitor home in 1080P HD image resolution from smart phone/tablet/PC easily. So wireless wifi security camera with humanoid detection was born.

Intelligent Humanoid Detection, Reduce Annoying Mobile Phone False Alarms

  • Traditional Motion Detection will push alarm only when there is movement before the ptz security camera outdoor. No matter it was cause by a cat, a dog or wind something, that make guard job more complicated.
  • 2022 Upgraded ieGeek 360° PTZ security camera outdoor supports human detection(Using an upgraded version of Ingenics chip). It won't detect movement of other unwanted stuff except human body. This helps cut down false alarms which may be caused by curtain movement within a room, changes in lighting conditions, rain, snow, insects, etc. You'll only be alerted for the moments that matters most , Reduce annoying mobile phone false alarms.
  • Tips: You can choose to turn on/off the humanoid detection function.

360° Auto Tracking & All-round Protection

  • Make magnification clearer - The home security camera has a 4x zoom function, which allows you to zoom in or out of the video with two fingers to clearly see the license plate number or the face of an intruder.
  • Make day and night clearer - Color night vision. The outdoor wireless security camera has built-in 4 white LEDs and 4 infrared LEDs, which can provide you with crystal clear color night vision or black and white night vision. Night vision distances up to 98 feet/25 meters. 1080p FHD makes it easy to recognise clear image of everything.
  • Here are 3 night vision modes: full color, black and white, and smart mode. You can easily set your favorite mode on the "CamHi pro" mobile app, meet your different usage scenarios.

Lock on Anything That Moves In the Entire Field of View

  • ieGeek home outdoor camera supports automatic horizontal tracking, which is able to identify motion. They are able to track whatever is moving throughout field of view. A human is not required for any of this.
  • Support horizontal 120° tracking.
  • You can choose to turn on/off the automatic tracking function on the APP.

355° Pan 90° Tilt, Capture a Wider View

  • ieGeek 360 wireless security camera has a flexible PTZ. You can manually rotate the camera to the area you want to view through the APP, without waiting for the camera to automatically rotate.
  • ieGeek security camera can support 355° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation.

Preset Preview Position, Focus on Every Important Place

  • ieGeek wifi camera supports pre-setting the browsing position on the App (up to 8 settings), which allows you to quickly locate the area you want to view. Do not miss any important places.

24/7 Continuous Recording and Customize Recording Time

  • ieGeek outdoor security camera supports 24/7 recording, it can record every moment in daily life for you. The recorded video is stored on the SD card (32GB-128GB, not included), you don't need to pay additional cloud storage fees.
  • You can not only view the screen when the motion detection is triggered, but also customize the recording time to make the camera detect movement during the set time period to avoid unnecessary detection records.

Sound Alert

  • ieGeek security camera outdoor wireless is equipped with an advanced audible alarm system. When the sound alarm function is turned on, the camera can sound a siren as soon as an intruder is detected. You can customize the alarm sound in the app. Such as dog bark or your own voice. If you record your voice as alarm sound, when intruder is detected, your voice will warn him to leave your home. The volume can be adjusted at any time.

Supports Multiple Device Connections

  • Support smartphone/tablet/PC multi-device connection. Whether you are traveling or at home, you can view the monitoring screen through a variety of devices, which greatly increases the flexibility of the occasion and device.

Sharing with Multiple Users

  • When you're busy at work, it's a good idea to share camera footage with your family for viewing at the same time. Don't worry about information leakage, the permission of the security camera belongs to you only, which means you can stop sharing at any time.

Cables with Different Functions

  • ieGeek front door cameras for home security has power cable, reset button cable and Ethernet cable. Each cable is clearly shown in the picture. You can choose wifi or internet cable connection according to your needs.


 ieGeek IE50ieGeek IE20
Image Resolution1080P(1920x1080)1080P(1920x1080)
PTZPan 350° Tilt 90°Pan 350° Tilt 90°
View AngleD:93° H:85° V:53°D:93° H:85° V:53°
Night VisionUp to 15mUp to 15m
Motion Detection
Color Night Vision
Spotlight & Siren Alarm
Works With Alexa
24/7 Recording
Night image detailsBetter than IE20-

Tech Specs

Included in the box

PTZ Camera *1
Power Charger *1
Network Cable *1
Foam Pad *1
Screws *4
Screw Hats *4
User Manual *1
Waterproof Wire Connector *1

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

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IE50 Spotlight Camera

mathias guerin
Ie50 does not work

the camera does not work
it must be sent to you by our own means in Poland (transport price)

Paco Tomas sanchez

IE50 Spotlight Camera


Great stuff

Cam IE50 ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo

Salve, è la seconda cam IE50 che acquisto ( la prima acquistata su Amazon) e devo dire che è un prodotto, per le mie esigenze, davvero eccezionale. Ottima qualità dell'immagine anche al buio totale, facile da configurare e molto reattiva ai comandi tramite app

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