ieGeek Battery Camera ZS-GQ1

ZS-GQ1 Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GQ1 Battery Camera - ieGeek
2K 3MP2 in 1 Outdoor & IndoorEasy to use

Battery Camera ZS-GQ1

  • 2K 3MP FHD Video & Colorful Night Vision & 130° Wide Angle: Infrared lights automatically sense ambient light and switch to night vision mode. Wireless CCTV camera outdoor with LED, a 130° viewing angle, the view distance is up to 65ft/20m, offer you farther, wider and more details during the day and night.
  • Totally Wire-Free Wi-Fi & 5200 mAh Battery: Battery operated security camera is equipped with an upgraded battery used in Tesla cars. Battery life is 3-4 months. Support to charge by Micro USB cable(included) and solar panel(not included). Meanwhile, WiFi cameras connect to 2.4G wifi which is more stable and pass through the wall better. You can install it anywhere within the wifi coverage. No need to use any cables or drill holes. Easy to install and remove within 1 minute.
  • 2 in 1 Outdoor Indoor & IP65 Waterproof: Compared with other outdoor wireless camera which only have a single waterproof layer, ieGeek outdoor camera battery powered with IP65 waterproof can work well from -13°F to 140°F. The lens use waterproof glass and rubber ring plastic-seal, quesiton of len fog and picture blurred has been solved.
Choose with solar panel

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  • Notice when using:

1. Update your App: Please confirm your App version is the latest which will make camera work better.
2. To prevent false alarms, please adjust the sensitivity of motion detection according to actual use. Lower sensitivity, less motion detected.
3. Please don't place the camera below 0℃(32°F) for charging.

  • How to longer camera's using life?

1. Installation Placement: Please install the cordless outdoor camera under the eaves, don't expose it to rain directly, to extent its life.
2. When not charging, make sure to cover the camera power socket with the small and big rubber sleeves to avoid moisture.
3. When charging, open the small rubber sleeve on the back of the camera and use the included USB cable. If you don't see the charging status on the App, exit and re-enter the real-time video page to check.

Easy Mounting Kit

  • The package includes a permanent outdoor mounting kit(This upgraded model is without magnetic attraction).
  • It only takes about 1 minute to set up your outdoor wireless security camera and place it anywhere within WiFi range! There are no wiring or power cords needed, save laying loads of cables.
  • The best installation position of the camera: 2.5 meters high and tilt the lens angle of 15~20 degrees, placed in an open space with no obstacles on both sides of the lens. Perfect for locations where there is no power available.

100 Percent Wireless Wifi Connection

  • WiFi modules of the ieGeek wireless security camera will be able to receive your network connection in a wider range(up to 10m) making video more stable and reduces offline issues.
  • WiFi security camera supports only 2.4G WiFi which has stronger penetration ability and longer transmission distance. As long as there's a wifi signal available it could go almost anywhere. Does not support 5GHz.
  • Work with smart ieGeek Cam App when storing video on SD card.

Installed in Anywhere You Want

  • Installed it as a baby monitor, the security camera can take care of your baby when you are away.
  • Installed it as an elder monitor, the ieGeek camera can protect them 24-hour when you have to walk away.
  • Installed it in your garage, avoid loss of important property.
  • Installed it in your front door, know if the visitor is an acquaintance or a stranger.
  • A true portable camera for your whole house surveillance needs.

Easy to Install

  • The ieGeek home security camera has a resolution of 2K 3MP at 25 frames per second. It provides the highest quality in pictures and videos regardless of the weather.
  • ieGeek wireless security camera outdoor has three night vision modes to select to own clear videos at night: 1. Auto night vision 2. Black and white night vison 3. Full-color night vision.
  • Digital zoom helps you zoom in on the video to get more small details.

Upgraded features:

  • Image quality: 1080P(1920*1080)==>2K 3MP(2304*1296)
  • Night vision: Black and white ==> Colorful night vision
  • Motion detection: Record only ==> Record and activate lights & sirens

Full-color Night Vision

  • The cctv camera systems wireless outdoor equipped with 2pcs infrared LEDs and 2pcs White LED light, which will automatically turn on for light compensation when ambient light is weak. Offer you black and white night vision or colorful night vision which can help you see clearer and farther at night. You can turn on or off light freely. (TIPS: The camera’s night vision mode defaults to "Auto", you can set it to "Manual” in the app.)
  • The night version provides excellent monitor range up to 65ft/20m. See everything in dark environment through real-time in 2K FHD.

PIR Motion Detection Activate Alarm

  • If you open the upgarded "Light and Sound Alarm" function, when motion deteced, wireless security camera system with motion sensor will open light at night and sound the siren, send notifications to phone App, record clear full-color night vision and scare off intruders.
  • Tap the alerts notification to playback videos and pictures anytime, anywhere. You won't miss any suspicious event.
  • Smart detection technology distinguishes people and objects.

Custom Detection Area

  • The wireless camera outdoor equipped with a custom detection area function supports to set multiple detection areas and draw the shape according your security areas.
  • Set the door and the garage as a monitoring area to prevent strangers from invading.
  • Set the main road, bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool and other places as privacy areas.
  • Focus on protection, reduce false alarm and leave enough privacy for you.

Set an Alarm Plan

  • Setting alarm plan of motion detection through ieGeek Cam App to save power of outdoor security camera wireless and avoid meaningless alarms.
  • If you wanted to disable this during the night, set alarm plan from 6:00 AM-22:00 PM, then camera will only detect motion within this time period. You can also turn Notification/Light/Siren off anytime.
  • App has many other function for you to discover, such as set the human detection method to only detect human motion, or detect all objects and human motion, etc.

Real-Time Remote Video

  • You can watch the real-time video wherever you are, as long as the wireless outdoor camera is connected to a stable network.
  • You can't watch the real-time video if the battery operated outdoor security camera is out of connecting. But the ieGeek cloud edge camera will keep recording locally and stores everything in the SD card and you can replay it when connected again.

Cloud and 128GB SD Card Storage

  • The CloudEdge app encrypts all video footages within the cloud or local storage. The security camera outdoor battery powered can support up to 128GB micro SD (not included) and is encrypted and protected content rendering it unreadable using outside resources.
  • Our cloud subscription storage services will provide 7-day trial after activated. After the trial, you can choose whether to purchase the cloud or not.

Shared User Access

  • Create a group via the "CloudEdge" app and authorize your families to monitor your home security. So you can rest assured when you're away from home. And App supports live watching 4 different ieGeek camera devices at the same time. Compatible with iOS/Android operating systems.
  • Add up to 20 security cameras within one app to monitor different locations at all times


 ieGeek ZS-GQ1ieGeek ZS-GX3SieGeek ZS-GX1S
Video Resolution3MP3MP3MP
Battery Capacity5200 mAh5200 mAh5200 mAh
NetworkOnly 2.4GHz WiFiOnly 2.4GHz WiFiOnly 2.4GHz WiFi
Viewing Angle130°120°Pan 355° Tilt 120°
PIR Motion Detection
AI Intelligent Analysis
Color Night Vision
Spotlight & Siren Alarm
Works With Alexa
24/7 Recording

Tech Specs

Included in the box

Camera *1
Bracket *1
Screws *3
Nuts *3
Reset Needle *1
USB Cable *1
User Manual *1

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have not received the camera yet. I have filed two complaints without success. Please, find it and send me the camera

Niko Fire
Nice and compact

I have 3 and I sold 12 to friends and family @nikofire

Gbr Italy
ZS-GQ1 Battery Camera Review

I'm quite happy with the three ZS-GQ1 cameras I have. The vision is clear and the three cameras are easily programmable using the APP. The only suggestion is to have a single screen where you turn on/off motion detection for all cameras in the family. This is to avoid clicking five times for each room.
Good product anyway!

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ZS-GQ1 Battery Camera

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